Funeral of Sammy Dye, 9-11-2001

Driving from Copperas Cove to Abilene, Texas.

driving to the funeral of a friend
dead, too young, from cancer
A friend I hadn’t seen
in 30 years, nearly—
Spring like
reports on the radio
like “Martian Invasion”
by Orson Welles.

“Terrorists use planes as guided missiles!”

lines at gas stations
traffic-less roads
churches and gathering places
packed—on a Tuesday
family and friends gathered
in homes—looking
like shell shocked block parties
but, mass wakes
for innocent countrymen

no planes
no trains
no buses


After 9-11, A Prayer for America

Faces of America
strong in their belief
of our kinship
drawn together in
a collective sadness
remembering the lost
who died doing their
daily business
as usual
faces, languages of all
shapes and colors,
more than a blending
of the world
human beings who
believe in the right
to be free and live
the best life they can
Americans born into
the ultimate responsibility
the privilege
of living in peace
Christian, Muslim, Jew,
Sikh, Buddhist
all faiths
all colors
in a rainbow
of love and acceptance
we’ve shown our children
and the spirits of the
Americans who preserved
freedom before us
That we are worthy of their hope and trust.