English Lesson

Dictionary page word

244 sun-dappled: having spots
113 #3 bushland: wild land
948 thrusting: push or shove with force
933 tawny: brownish-yellowish

The dew on the winter grasses of the bushland glimmered like tawny amber in the first rays of the sunrise.
New sprouts of green grass thrust up beside the roots of last year’s dried grasses. Puffs of dancing clouds pranced before the light of the new day. The plains became a sun-dappled paradise.


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“Every time we teach a child something we keep him from inventing it himself.”
Jean Piaget

Makes sense.
Makes it easier to see
Where I’ve made mistakes
Places and times I’ve pushed-
when I should’ve backed off
the kids told me to-
I just didn’t know I should listen.
Listening is the biggest part of teaching.
I think
I need to do less
do it better
slow it down
and let the kids
have time to think
and dream
and yak